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Podiatric treatment for feet

Highly trained podiatrist in Chester

Who is Vicars Cross Podiatry?

My name is Marion, and I am the senior clinician at Vicars Cross Podiatry. I am an experienced highly skilled podiatrist with an excellent reputation for quality care and professional service.

"I run a friendly professional practice in a modern ground floor clinic with easy parking."

Podiatric specialist

HCPC registered podiatrist at Vicars Cross Podiatry in Chester

I can treat and advise you in the following:

Professional friendly practice 

• Diabetic assessment 
• Corn, callus, verrucae and nail care
• Gait analysis, bio-mechanical assessment 
• Sports injuries and lower limb pain
• Thickened, bruised and ingrown toenails
• Ulcer care (diabetic care and high risk management provided)
• Arthritic foot problems
• Rigid foot types
• Heel pain
• Flat feet
• Nail surgery under anaestic
• Plantar fasciitis
• Heel and toe pain
• Metatarsalgia
• Bunions
• Hallux limitus
• Morton's neuroma
• Medial tibial stress syndrome 
• Patellofemoral syndrome
• Compartment syndromes
• Excessive pronation
• Fungal infection of the skin and nail
• Footwear advice
For a highly trained podiatrist visit Vicars Cross Podiatry in Chester call me today on 01244 313 179
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